The SnippetExchange™ will change the way your organization looks at electronic communications. Your messages will go from being static records of communications to becoming a dynamic new array of information sources, customer interactions, and revenue generators.
At the core of your organization’s information security is the ability to maintain an accurate record of the electronic communications you need to monitor.
Enabling Friction-less Business Mobile Communications
Capture and deliver a record of business communications to your archive without requiring any change in behavior on the part of your users, allowing them to leverage cutting-edge apps, while simultaneously ensuring your organization’s information security via an immutable record.
The True Value of SnippetSentry
, lies in the Snippet Exchange™.
The SnippetExchange™ allows organizations to gain previously unattainable insights into their employees, customers, and data. It will allow you to take previously siloed data and make it available to other applications and organizational units. It will allow you to mirror, migrate, translate, interpret, analyze and act upon, secure, and do so much more with your data than is possible today.

SnippetExchange™ the Right CHoice


Expert, industry-specific modules that work out of the box; PathBuilder technology easily extends your organization’s security profile.

Information Security

Know the who, what, where, and how of sensitive data at your mobile edge/border.


Ensure a complete record of the electronic communications you choose to monitor.

Mobile OS & Carrier Agnostic

Deploy globally with a single, natively-integrated solution. No more regional patchworks.

IT Friendly

A solution so simplified that end users can register themselves with minimal demands on valuable IT resources.

Enterprise-Level Scaling

Built to scale from one to hundred’s of thousands of seats.

Get on the record

Let’s build a quote based on your mobile network traffic!
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